The Free Spirits Tents

The Company
The Free Spirits was founded in 2011. Tent is your home in the wild. We know adventurers rely on our tents. Therefore we drive ourself to build tents that keep you safe and make you go further. We’re committed to help you reach your dream designation and go beyond.

TFS owns the spirit of adventurer, we always challenge ourselves in tent making. We never stop innovation and exploring new designs. Drawing inspirations from Mother Nature and bringing new thoughts to improve our tents. Revolutionary design leading new ways in your exploration. Read more about our innovative White label serial and Expedition Base Camp serial.

Quality construction
The process of realising ideas into products is a challenge to every company. The degree of addressing details in the process define how good the final product is. In TFS, all our tents are handcrafted in the sample stage. Through our hands, we understand material’s characteristic and performance of tent structure. We make different variations and fully test before they reach the market. TFS strive to make every single detail perfect and this make our tents one of the best in the market.

No all-in-one tent can serve all the need of adventurers. TFS build wide range of top quality tents from consumer market to professional alpinist. We extend our range of product tent to serve different needs in your explorations.

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